Are You Basic or Boss?

by gooseandsoda


Basic Bitches be like, “So he told me he didn’t want to date me once before, but now he changed his mind, and we’re getting drinks this week.”

Boss Bitches be like, “They always ALWAYS come back around. I ignored all subsequent calls and texts from him. Bye Felicia.”

Basic Bitches be like, “I don’t really like him, so I agreed to go on a date with him.”

Boss Bitches be like, “I don’t really like him, so I shot him down and found someone I do like. Myself.”

Basic Bitches be like, “He’s cute and I’m weak.”

Boss Bitches be like, “Why are you spelling that time word with an ‘A’?”

Basic Bitches be like, “I want to believe he’s telling me the truth!”

Boss Bitches be like, “I know you will say whatever you think I want to hear, because you think you got a shot at having sex with me.”

Basic Bitches be like, “….but he says things have changed!”

Boss Bitches be like, “…..” (this is the radio silence response after some neanderthal tries to worm his way back into a Boss Bitch’s life by saying things have changed…occasionally punctuated by her hysterical laughter at his idiocy)