Well Played, Mother. Well Played

by gooseandsoda

One fine day I was having separate text conversations with both my best friend, and my mother, at the same time.  I will never, ever do this again, and here’s why:

In conversation with my best friend, I was sending her an unsolicited photo that I had received from some young, dumb thing with his shirt off (still never had a dick pic, but plenty of this mess), to make fun of  praise together.  In conversation with my mother at the same time, I was sending her a photo another friend had sent me, of a major tennis match he was in attendance for (my mother is a tennis fanatic – I am a casual fan).  Only, see what had happened was, I sent my mother a text saying, “Look at what my friend Rich just sent me.  Guess where he is right now??” along with the topless child porn photo.  OH SHIT.  I realized this mistake immediately, since I could see it sending and in the midst of yelling “NOOOOOO!!!!” I managed to send her the correct photo within microseconds of the wrong one.  Then I acted like it had never happened, just went silent and didn’t say a word to her about it.

Her response came within a couple of minutes and, I kid you not, all she said was, “Watching that right now!!” which was very sly of her, and worthy of applause.  Then we talked about tennis for a bit.  In true Asian fashion, something happened that made us both feel uncomfortable, and we shall never acknowledge it.  It never happened, we do not dwell on it.  This is the Asian way.