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I recognize that being a heterosexual female is generally a bad life decision.

Month: September, 2015

Dipping The Pen In The Company Ink

Don’t deny it.  Everyone has at least thought about it at some point.  Everyone has work crushes.  One of my exes actually left me for a work crush-turned-real-deal.  They’re married now.

When you’re a female who works in finance, you’re a rare commodity.  Occasionally, one or two of your 99% male colleagues are also physically attractive.  Naturally, you get tempted.  And then you remember a million reasons that would be a really REALLY terrible idea and you let it go.

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Well Played, Mother. Well Played

One fine day I was having separate text conversations with both my best friend, and my mother, at the same time.  I will never, ever do this again, and here’s why: Read the rest of this entry »