I Am A Quitter.

by gooseandsoda

The older I get, the more I realize that being a quitter is actually good for the soul.

I quit:

  • Writing this blog… for a little while.  Now I quit not writing this blog.  So there.
  • Trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.  That’s not a euphemism for sex.  What I mean is, I learned that when the expectations between two people do not align, rather than whittling down all those beautiful square corners, it’s time to go find yourself a square hole.  Still not a euphemism for sex.
  • Speaking of not speaking about sex… hooking up with people I don’t know/want to know better.  Only took me over 30 years to figure out that dating is way more exciting and actually kind of fun this way?
  • Speaking of dating… dating. I made a rule that I was not going to go on any more dates until I found someone I was excited to go on a date with.  See, what happens when you make a rule like that and you think WAY too highly of yourself, is that you effectively quit dating because you are an uncompromising asshole.  But I like it this way, and the few dates I have been on were so much better as a result.
  • Playing exhausting “be cool” games.  Things are so simple when you don’t overthink it!  If you like someone, tell them you like them.  If you want to see someone, invite them to hang out.  If they text you and you are not otherwise indisposed, go ahead and respond.  After a month or so of having consistent sleepovers with the last person I dated seriously, I realized I wanted to explore the possibility of a future, so that night I said to him, “I don’t want to see other people.”  He replied, “Yeah, me either.” Easy. Done. No agony, no overthinking.  If he had said, “Eh, I’m not ready for that…” Sure, I would have been butt hurt for a minute, but I also would have respected his honesty and been cool with moving on – see previous statement about pegs and holes not matching up (yep, still sounds sexual).  It is so liberating to be transparent.  We should seriously be teaching this in schools all over the country.
  • Reckless and dangerous shit.  I mean, you can define crossing the street in Chicago without the walk signal as reckless and dangerous, but other than that I just got too old and too tired to be a stupid trick.  I also haven’t been up in da club in a lonnnnng time.  Correlation, or causation?