First World Problems

by gooseandsoda

If there’s one thing I am determined to cross off my bucket list before I leave this earth, it’s this:

I want to receive an unsolicited dick pic.

In all honesty, I’ve egged on a lot of suckers (see previous posts) for hilarious photos – but I’ve actually never gotten a dick pic at all.  Truly, never have I ever.  And yes, I know I could ask and have a plethora of random dudes send me their best softly lit undercarriage photos (or join Tinder for 5 minutes and await the inevitable flood) – but what I really want is to experience that breathless, unexpected moment of “Oh! A text from Jo…OHMYGAWDISTHATHISPENIS?!?!”

One time my best friend got an unsolicited dick pic from a person who had sent their photo to the wrong number.  I am still insanely jealous about this.  Not only did she get an unsolicited photo, but she got it from a COMPLETE stranger.  She photoshopped a little sombrero on it and promptly group messaged it to all her friends.