Thanks For Playing

by gooseandsoda

Reasons last night’s poor sucker won’t get a second date:

1. He ate edamame whole. I could seriously stop here.

2. He brought up marriage and children.

3. When asked how his day was, he said “bad” and then told me why.

4. He sold drugs for a living (pharma sales) and wasn’t successful at it.

5. He’s 37 and said he only dates 26-30 year old women.

6. He claimed to be a gym rat, but whatever he’s doing, it isn’t working.

7. His shirt had shoulder straps on it.

8. Balding, and yet spiked his hair. Why.

9. He explained the term “vaginal prolapse.”

10. He ordered a Jager bomb. A. JAGER. BOMB.