Stop The Freaking Presses.

by gooseandsoda

Not only did I allow a guy a second chance, but I think I actually kind of like him now?

I must be getting soft or desperate in my old age, because there is no other explanation for all of the sudden crushing hard on someone I used to treat with utter disdain.

No explanation…except for the fact that someone must have given him a lengthy tutorial on how to be a proper asshole, because he reinvented himself as someone who could not possibly care less about me, and that is the quickest way to my shriveled grinchy heart.

Case and point:

4 months ago – Made him pick me up from a bar when I was blackout drunk on a weeknight after skipping out on a date we were supposed to go on, he came into the bar while I was in the middle of giving my phone number to another guy, then he drove me home and spent the night (without any hanky-panky) just to ensure I didn’t stop breathing in my sleep, let me hog all the covers while he froze to death, and woke up at the buttcrack of dawn to drive home and get ready for work. I didn’t respond to his text messages/calls for the next 3 days and rambled on to my girlfriends about how I needed to “get rid of this mess.”

Last weekend – Tells me he “misses me” then goes radio silent, so I call him and he refuses to come to where I am so I traipse waaaaaay up to his place where he’s completely shitfaced, go into his bedroom while he chats with his roommates for 30 minutes before coming in and spilling a giant glass of ice water all over the bed/me, mumbles something about how he “isn’t normally attracted to girls who… ” (he trails off, which basically saves his goddamned life in that moment) then passes out on all the dry covers so that I can’t use them, and the next morning wakes up and essentially kicks me out without so much as even offering a ride home. I am at first bewildered by what has just transpired, then furious, then waiting in agony for 2 days for him to contact me before caving and texting him.