Goose And Soda

I recognize that being a heterosexual female is generally a bad life decision.

Month: July, 2013


I’m NOT the only one.



Well, Shit

It was a peaceful Sunday morning and I could no longer hide those pesky squishy feelings despite my better judgment, so I snuggled up to him. We lazed around in bed for hours, talking about nothing particularly important.

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Lord Huron Gets It

Can we all just agree that we want someone who feels this way about us?

Is It Hot In Here?

Text message received at 10:58A:

Except when [the shirt is] on you and you’re around me, it doesn’t have long before it ends up on the floor.



Little Of This, Little Of That

I’ve dated all of your pathetic asses, and all of you had seriously fatal flaws.  After blowing you off at some point in time, in a manner befitting how utterly terrible I thought you were on a scale of 1-2 – 1 being “I’ll text you that it’s not working,” 2 being “I’ll drop off the face of the earth and suggest you do the same,” – most of you fell into the 2 category. The problem was that I didn’t have any prospects other than you lot, and I was getting increasingly exasperated and lazy about finding anything better.

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Stop The Freaking Presses.

Not only did I allow a guy a second chance, but I think I actually kind of like him now?

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Drowning in Strange

I mean for this to be an open letter to the men of Chicago, but let’s face it, I think only 2 of them actually read this. Nevertheless…

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