My Homies Still

by gooseandsoda

Yes, I am in fact that cliche of a girl with more guy friends than girls. It is not because guys are less drama, or more aggressive or because they love football as much as I do. For whatever reason, throughout my life, I have just found it easier to make friends with a bunch of hetero males than hetero females. As an added bonus, sometimes we can make out if we feel like it, which is something that I can’t do with my girlfriends. No, not even drunk.

I have really awesome guy friends. And yes I have made out with some of them, and yes it is possible to do that and not have it totally jack your shit up. I have even kissed a bunch of guys in the same social circle, who were friends before I met them. At various points in time over the course of several years, I have found myself single and drunk and sitting next to one of them while he is also single and drunk, and naturally this has lead to a little innocent flirtation. It hasn’t gone further due to a respect for what we have in the group, and a lack of curiosity/attraction. I believe this is a big difference between a group of guy friends and a group of girlfriends – guys can all make out with (and probably also bang) the same girl and all remain friends with each other, but I would not believe for a second it can go the other way as easily. Girls would be hating on each other and that guy becomes persona non grata in the group.

At any rate, these guys are still my friends and no one is awkward or jealous – we can joke around about it openly, and we play wingman/woman for each other when we are out. My boys are all such good guys, and I will be so happy when each of them finds the awesome girl they are looking for.

And now, I would like to point your attention here, for rebuttal and for mirth.