The Other Woman

by gooseandsoda

(I would like to note that in trying to insert the photo of Kristen Stewart I wound up accidentally deleting three hours of work on the text and losing the entire post. So, in addition to the horror that is “Twi-hards,” her disgusting fashion/hair/makeup choices, and the breakup of Rupert Sanders’ marriage, we can also blame Kristen Stewart for ruining this awesome post.)

I was emotionally cheated on by someone that I loved, and thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I am still not sure that I have recovered from it, as evidenced by this entire man-hating blog. I would not dare to argue whether it is worse to be the victim of emotional or physical cheating. All I know is that what I went through was horrendous, and I would not wish any form of it on anyone. Except maybe Gisele. Because, I mean, c’mon. You can’t have Tom Brady, a multi-million dollar a year career, 2 kids and that body/face. I just want her to lose at one thing. Are you there, God? It’s me, Gisele-hater.

Many years and experiences and therapy sessions later, I know that I am also to blame for the situation. I was doing my best to push a good man away from me. Early on in the “affair,” my ex told me in his sincere puppy dog way, that he was freaked out because he was attracted to this other woman, and he had never been attracted to anyone but me since we had met years earlier. I scoffed at him. SCOFFED. Like it was preposterous that he would only be attracted to me for the rest of his life.

I chose to ignore the nagging instinct that something was wrong (okay, maybe “instinct” isn’t fair since he came out and SAID he was attracted to someone else), and I disregarded other, more ominous clues along the way. There are always signs, ALWAYS. Now, I know that it is virtually impossible to be blindsided by a mate cheating – yes, even for you, Elin.

I have never cheated on a mate. Unfortunately, I have been, “The Other Woman.” I am ashamed to admit this, especially knowing how I felt towards the woman who made my straight-line love into an isosceles triangle. SIDE NOTE OF TOTAL VANITY: He let that woman move into the home we shared together and he later married her, but I take a lot of smug satisfaction in the memory of him crying on our living room floor and begging me not to end it because she could never compare to me and was clingy and horrible in the sack, blah blah blah – HE’S ALL YOURS BITCH.

I was having a summer fling with a guy to recover from my own breakup. I don’t recall how it came about, but about a month after we had been hooking up, he made a comment about not wanting his girlfriend to find out about us. I was, in a word, shocked. But the worst part is that I didn’t end it right there. I continued seeing him until I started dating someone. Maybe because of my own post-breakup psyche, maybe because I lost sympathy or respect for someone who didn’t confront and dump their cheating mate like I did, maybe because I’m a heinous bitch. At any rate, I know that what I did was wrong, even if she was Gisele and he was Tom Brady.

He married that girl not too long ago, and I have run into him a couple of times since. He’s still a flirt, but I wonder if he has tamed his wild ways or whether he continues to sate his physical appetite outside his marriage. Any time he comes to mind for whatever reason, I struggle with the question of whether I should have reached out to her, or if I had any right to since I didn’t end it as soon as I knew she existed. Perhaps he actually came clean to her at some point, and she was fine with it? I am not sure if any good would have come from telling her the truth, if there were signs, and just like me all those years ago, she surely chose to ignore them for her own reasons.