Previously, On “Terrible Decisions”

by gooseandsoda

Oh you know, just a typical week for me:

Monday – Had to leave work in the middle of the day to meet up with a random stranger (a friend of a friend), who somehow ended up with my wallet on Saturday night (well, early Sunday morning) after I left it at the bar when taking his friend home. The friend had also accidentally taken some of my keys, so he gave me those back too. Starbucks employees were definitely judging me as he handed it all over.

Tuesday – Made up an excuse to not see this guy who is actually interested in me, and was on vacation out of the country for the last week. Poor asshole literally texted me to try and schedule another date as soon as his plane touched down on US soil and he hasn’t stopped since. To make matters worse, he works in the same building, so I’ve had to come in earlier and stay later to avoid running into him. At least my boss thinks that I’m really kicking it up a notch.

Wednesday – Bedroom Cryer, whom I haven’t heard from in months, and is clearly intoxicated after a baseball game, texts me the following, “There are some really dumb girls out there.” and proceeds to lament about being surrounded by four dumb bitches who want his junk. I tell him he is the only man on the face of the earth that I know who would complain about stupid hos tryin’ ta get in his pants. Somehow my berating him for the next 30 minutes about not being a man turns into him inviting me to a wedding in Phoenix next month. I accept and book a plane ticket. We will both be staying with my parents. This will inevitably make for a May episode of “Terrible Decisions.”

Thursday – First date with the man I aggressively hit on at a bar last weekend, and then took to a club…where we ran into my boss, who invited us to his table, and I blacked out. Nearly 40, ex-college football player, finance. Reads great on paper. Hated him more with every drink, and he kept calling me “beautiful” which is fine once, but loses its special luster after about 6 times in the course of an hour when it’s just a conversation filler.  I told him I’d go to dinner with him again.

Friday – Date night planned with mah bestie. Starting with a wine event so we can feel classy before we go make trouble. Look for the recap on next week’s episode of “Terrible Decisions.”