Just Another Tuesday Night…

by gooseandsoda

I went to grab drinks at a nearby bar after work one night with a colleague.  I ordered the blog namesake and proceeded to get drunk and pour my heart out to my sweet colleague who, bless her little heart, was clearly terrified at the thought of living life the way I do. At some point she made an excuse about needing to leave, but I had only just started my umpteenth drink, and a lady never wastes a perfectly good Goose and Soda.  I told her I’d stay and finish it, and assured her I would be fine.  She left, and that was the first time I took the time to survey my surroundings in the extremely crowded bar.

My fellow patrons were all male.

I was the lone girl holding down the fort.  It was neither Hooters, nor a gay bar.  It took those boys all of 5 milliseconds to smell blood in the water and start swarming.  I eventually wound up talking to a nice group of men who were all friends, and a couple of them invited me to travel with them to another bar, which I did.  Then it was on to SoHo House for dinner.  I guess I wound up giving one of them my number, because he proceeded to call/text me after that to set up a time for a date.

I agreed to go out with him on a random Tuesday night.  Turns out, he lived in Stamford, which is actually not really convenient at all if you want to date a boy in the city.  But I was willing to overlook this flaw, as I remembered him being cute, and actually having a real-life grown-up job, which is pretty much light years ahead of the majority of guys that I have made the questionable decision to date.

We went to a restaurant near my office and had a nice dinner.  I think I drank nearly an entire bottle of wine.  My date had a couple glasses and kept complimenting me on how pretty I was, and saying how happy he was that we got to hang out.  Then dinner was over, and it was time to make a decision, and by that I mean he was like, “Let’s go back to your place.”

Well it must have been the wine, or the sheer desperation, but I agreed.  That poor cab driver had to hate us drunk assholes slobbering all over each other in the back of his cab at 9PM on a Tuesday night.  We get back to the apartment, and things start to heat up, and next thing I know…

He asked me to toss his salad.